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October, 25, 2019

When teeth are removed, a trickle-down effect occurs resulting in several problems. Once a tooth is missing, the neighboring teeth shift, and this creates a jaw imbalance. In addition, the opposing tooth can start to grow up or down into the empty space, further throwing off your bite. This usually results in chewing more on the opposite side. The logical question is “What is the big deal? I have plenty of teeth on the other side.” If teeth on the opposite side are weakened due to having large fillings, they will now be further compromised due to the extra forces placed on them. This likely will end up with more broken and damaged teeth. You now are forced to either remove more teeth or go to the expense of Root Canal treatment and crowns or implants. When there are many teeth missing at one time, the remaining teeth must do more than nature intended for them to do.

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In the long run, it is best to take care of decay early on, so that more of the tooth structure is not weakened. People often feel that they can avoid spending money on fixing small cavities since “nothing bothers me.” The longer you wait, the larger the decay becomes. Eventually, that small cavity enlarges, and what once would be a filling, will likely become a crown or more.

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