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“For the past 10 years my family have been seeing Dr Sunners as our primary dentist. His professionalism and attention to details on your care as a dentist is one of a kind. I would always refer Dr Sunners and staff to my friends and family members. 5 Stars always Paul Ciccolo and family” -Paul Ciccolo

“You will NOT find a better dentist in the area — and unless you try Dr Sunners – you may think your current dentist does an adequate job – but after you’re first visit , you will quickly understand why he receives so much praise. For years I thought going to the dentist meant getting a cleaning and then having a dentist spend 60 seconds inspecting your teeth. It wasn’t until a visit to Dr Sunners that I became aware how essential it is to perform routine maintenance. Dr Sunners takes the time to explain things with you that other dentist simply don’t do. Great personality, excellent at communicating, and I’ve never left his office in pain. From stepping into the office, to getting a cleaning (might I add that the hygienist at Dr Sunners is phenomenal) to your examination – this is hands down the best dentist around. I don’t often write reviews – but Dr Sunners deserves many accolades for his dedication and commitment to delivering excellent services!” -Gregory Desautels

“Another terrific experience. Dr. Sunners and his staff are always pleasant, very professional and do great work.” -James Quinn

“Dina did a great job, and made me feel like I was at home. I would recommend Dr. Sunners and his team to anyone looking.” -Colin Feeherry

“Dr.Sunners is conscious and concerned with how I am doing through out the process. He knows I am extremely anxious when I am there, and checks in often to be sure I am doing ok. I have never had a bit of pain when sitting in his chair. He works as quickly as he can while maintaining efficiency and quality” -Susan Marlin-Procter

“The first time I visited the office and met Dr. Sunners, the hygienists, and staff, I was very anxious….being in the chair, what they might find, the noises, etc. I was told I needed some fillings taken care of for my next appointment. When the time came for that appointment, I knew what I was going into and from the moment I walked in, it was nothing but laughter, light-hearted, and cheerful spirits. I can’t tell you enough how the environment in the office, completely set my mind at ease, and we actually had a very good time together! I highly recommend Dr. Sunners not only because he is personable and sincere, but very thorough and detailed oriented. The office is clean, bright, cheerful, and has modern equipment. I can’t believe I would say this about any dentist, but….I look forward to my next visit in six months!” -Heidi Williams

“I have been going to Dr. Sunners for ten years and trust him implicitly. I have needed a lot of dental work done over the years and his attention to detail is truly impressive. He has always made me feel comfortable during any procedure. I have recommended him to friends and family.” -Gayle Murphy

“I love dr.sunners and his staff!!!” -Kim Aarden

“Always a good experience. Dr Sunners and his staff are terrific” -Keith Sammon

“I’ve been using Dr Sunners for over 30 years. He is highly skilled at what he does and has an excellent network for any problem that requires a specialist. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a dentist in the MetroWest area.” -Richard Rosenblum

“I would highly recommend Dr. Sunners practice!!!! I have been a longtime patient. Everyone on the staff is outstanding at what they do and are friendly too! The Receptionist, Patient Accounts Specialist, Hygienist, Dental Assistant and Dentist all provide OUTSTANDING service and care. I have had some tough dental issues and Dr. Sunners amazing skill and kindness has always created a positive experience for me. He administers Novocain in an exemplary manner. I hate pain and he always makes it an easy process. Truly, a piece of cake. Going to Dr. Sunners will definitely give you something to smile about :)))” -Joanne Kennedy

“Thank God for Dr. Sunners. I had not been to the dentist in many years due to a severe phobia. I am so glad that I chose to go to him because he immediately made me feel comfortable. He is personable and has a great sense of humor, which helps to take my mind off of whatever procedure I am having done. His staff, especially  his assistant Daiga, are fantastic and friendly. He works efficiently and explains everything he will do in detail before he does it. He almost always follows up with a phone call or an email after an office visit to see how my teeth are doing, and he is extremely responsive. If I need an appointment quickly, I can always get one. I really can’t say enough positive things about Dr. Sunners, he has helped me face my fears without judgement! I highly recommend him to anyone.” -Rachel Bartolomei

“I have been a patient of Dr. Sunners for over 12 years and do not remember one instance where I didn’t thoroughly enjoy myself – I know that sounds strange – but I truly enjoy seeing everyone at Dr. Sunners office. They pride themselves on their professionalism, state of the art technologies and patient care – all of which is excellent! I will continue to patronize Dr. Sunners and hope he doesn’t retire soon!!” -Livia Givoni

“Cannot say enough. Should be ten stars. Dr. Sunners, Dina, Daiga, Gail and Janira. Better team then the Avengers. AWESOME.” -Eric Flashner

“Dr. Sunners is the Best dentist ever. An artisan in his profession. A warm and genuinely caring human being. We discovered his practice almost 20 years ago and plan on being his patients for more… I would recommend Dr. Sunners and his practice to everyone. Score = 10/10! Simply the Best!” -Nicolas Khoury

“Dr. Sunners and his team have created a calming and inviting environment. I have not been to the dentist in many years, and Dr. Sunners assuaged any concerns I had on my first visit. In 30 days, I have had three visits to correct issues resulting from years of my own neglect. He is a consummate professional that made sure I was comfortable and in control of the process. If you are a patient that has that feeling of dread like I have always had when going to the dentist, I would highly recommend Dr. Sunners and his outstanding team. While no dentist’s office feels inviting when walking in for the first time (e.g. same wall colors, smells, sounds, etc), Dr. Sunners office included, I assure you that the feeling that it is a “clinical” environment melts away on your first visit. Get through your first five minutes in the chair, and I can assure you that you have successfully overcome the biggest hurdle. As a skeptic, I have always questioned the dental work prior dentists have done on my teeth. They would show me x-rays expecting me to see the subtle variance in gray like I had a DDS after my name. Dr. Sunners takes pictures and shows you on a screen what he is talking about. You’re part of the team, and ultimately, you’re in charge. As a parting note, I’m 38 years old, I’ve had extensive dental work my whole life, and I can only remember one dentist in my past that I would have recommended. Dr. Sunners and his team exceeded any previous expectations I had by leaps and bounds. For reference, this is the first review I have EVER written for anything online. I realize that it is a tome, but I felt thoroughly compelled and passionate in leaving a review. I used the reviews on Google to find Dr. Sunners, and I’m grateful for those before me that steered me in the right direction” -Christopher Boyer

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