Partial Dentures/ Non-Metal

Dr. Sunners uses Valplast as his choice of a thermoplastic (non-metalic) removable flexible partial denture.  Each removable Valplast appliance is biocompatible and has unique physical and esthetic properties.  Valplast partial denture flawlessly blends with the patient’s natural tissue and surrounding dentition.  Patients love the lifelike esthetics of Valplast, and appreciate the resulting newfound confidence. The Valplast process provides ideal adaptation to both hard and soft tissue.  It is flexible and allows restorations to adjust with the contours of the mouth.  It is stain resistant, durable and comfortable in the mouth. These flexible partials contain no metal or wire clasps.  This material is virtually impossible to break, unlike conventional denture material. This along with the natural hue of the appliance allows it to blend with the surrounding gums and teeth to ensure your confidence. 1

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1. Valplast is a registered trademark of Valplast International Corporation. tcs is a registered trademark of Thermoplastic Comfort System, Inc.. Vitallium 2000 and Vitallium 2000 Plus are registered trademarks of DENTSPLY Austenal.
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