Fillings are done as a treatment for a cavity, a pre-existing broken filling, a cosmetic replacement for a blackened silver amalgam filling, or as a replacement for old worn fillings.

Once decay forms, it must be removed to prevent loss of more tooth structure.  Often decay can be seen by the trained professional eye, or with diagnostic tools such as Diagodent,  during an examination.  However, decay that occurs between teeth or below the gumline, most often is discovered by an X-Ray. Dr. Sunners most often removes the decay and restores the tooth with a Composite Resin that is applied in layers and hardened by a curing light.  These fillings are natural looking and very durable. Food can be consumed immediately after the filling is complete.

If more than half of the biting surface of a molar is decayed, the option of choice is often an inlay or onlay, instead of a filling.  For this Dr. Sunners will use resin, gold alloy, or porcelain that is molded and cemented in place.  It provides a stronger restoration than a filling can.

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