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Why It’s Important To Replace and Treat Missing Teeth – Dental Services in Natick, MA

October, 25, 2019

When teeth are removed, a trickle-down effect occurs resulting in several problems. Once a tooth is missing, the neighboring teeth shift, and this creates a jaw imbalance. In addition, the opposing tooth can start to grow up or down into the empty space, further throwing off your bite. This usually results in chewing more on […]

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Snoring & Sleep Apnea

September, 1, 2017

Who doesn’t know someone who snores? It is an annoyance that we all deal with on a daily basis. Everyone has a sleep partner who keeps them up most of the night. It’s funny how we don’t snore but our partner often says otherwise. Apparently, just about all of us snore at one time or […]

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Cut the Sugars and Keep Your Teeth for Life

April, 21, 2017

I am on a crusade to get people to eliminate soda and drinks with a high sugar content from their diet. Those who regularly use the above, just continue to make more work for us. Don’t complain about the cost of dentistry if you continue to use these products! High fructose corn syrup and diet […]

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Holistic Dentistry

April, 3, 2017

Although I am not a holistic dentist by definition, I am almost there. I no longer make crowns with any metallic content and virtually all of the fillings I do are metal-free. I am looking for anyone who wants to replace a metal containing crown or filling– whether it is damaged, missing, or for cosmetic […]

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Overcoming Fears of The Dental Office

March, 23, 2017

This week and always, I am looking for dentally phobic and anxiety ridden new patients. One of my strengths is my ability to convert very fearful patients into those who easily accept routine procedures. This weekend, I got a call from a woman who lost a filling and hadn’t seen a dentist in 20 years. […]

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Innovative Ways for Snoring Prevention

February, 23, 2017

This week, I am looking to repair relationships. No- I am not becoming a therapist- I am looking to improve the lives of those who suffer from the snoring of their significant other. Snoring can adversely affect one’s sleep and love life. A patient of many years begged me to help her as her husband […]

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